#1 Acne Scar Cream Company To Celebrate Teen Appreciation Day In January

SmoothRx, maker of the #1 rated acne scar cream on Amazon.com, announced this week that they wanted to create a day to celebrate teenagers.

SmoothRx is the manufacturer of the #1 rated acne scar cream on Amazon.com. A SmoothRx company spokesperson Ashley Royal made a statement this week that said the company is trying to create a special day to celebrate teenagers.

“There are so many days to celebrate everything – sweethearts, parents, grandparents, bosses, secretaries, but there is nothing to celebrate teens,” said Ms. Royal. “Teens go to school for long hours, have many hours of home work on top of that, have to deal with the emotional ups and downs of growing up, along with the skin changes that go along with it. This is a very tough period – the teenage years. January is when many teens have finals. Finals cause stress, and increased stress causes acne. Our product is made to help fade teen acne scars, to help fade those scars, but we want to help the teens to, so we are creating a day to celebrate them.” Details of the date of teenager appreciation day will be released soon.

Made of all-natural ingredients such as aloe, shea butter, jojoba oil, orange oil, cocoa butter, organic olive oil and mango butter; SmoothRx acne scar removal cream has a pleasant smell and is non-toxic. The ingredients combine to form a special formula cream that is hydrating and improves skin elasticity. This can help prevent new scars from forming. The SmoothRx cream is great at helping fade acne scars, stretch marks, burn scars, spider veins and any other type of skin imperfections.

Over 160 customers have written reviews on the Amazon.com listing for the SmoothRx acne scar cream. A recent five-star reviewer wrote “Unfortunately, I didn’t think to do a before picture. This stuff is truly amazing!! I really didn’t expect to find anything to help my scars ever after all the products I’ve gone through, but this has worked amazingly! Every few days I see a MAJOR change!! Thanks so much!”

Sold exclusively on Amazon.com, the SmoothRx acne scar cream is currently priced at $19.95 for a four-ounce bottle. Free shipping is available for any purchase of $49 or more.

About SmoothRx: “SmoothRx makes premium scar creams for stretch mark removal, acne scar removal, fine line removal, spider vein removal, and general scar removal. Made in the United States, we only use premium natural ingredients such as orange oil, grapefruit seed extract, shea butter, cocoa butter, and more. We sell primarily on amazon.com and hope to improve the lives of those who are troubled with scars and other cosmetic hindrances.”

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