​StoriesToArt.com is Seeking Fine Artists, Artisans, Poets and Songwriters

StoriesToArt, offering a new way to buy and sell art, is looking for fine artists, artisans, poets and songwriters to add to their exceptional lineup of top artists.

A new online art gallery,StoriesToArt.com is calling all fine artists and artisans, poets, and songwriters to apply to sell their one-of-a-kind artwork on their newly launching online art gallery. Unlike other calls for artists, StoriesToArt is asking artists to submit entries inspired by stories, including at least one provided by StoriesToArt.com. This is an exciting and completely new concept regarding how to sell art online.

A panel of fine artists and artisans, poets and songwriters is curating the site, thus ensuring invited artists will enjoy an enhanced online presence in the company of other artists at the top of their fields. 12 artists will also be awarded cash prizes ranging from $5,000 to $500 for their submissions to the call.

Not only is StoriesToArt a unique concept, its stunning execution makes exhibiting simple for artists. Designed by a seasoned team with Fortune 500 eCommerce experience, StoriesToArt.com offers artists an easy upload process, online inventory and order management, and a streamlined order fulfillment process. To sum it up, this is how to sell art online.

Exhibiting online has never been easier. Artists upload samples of their ready to ship and commissionable pieces. For commissions, artists set their own timelines, correspond with customers via a StoriesToArt issued email account, send their finished work, along with the customer’s story that inspired the work, and leave the business aspects of selling their work to StoriesToArt.

Artists receive STA newsletter, a personalized home page, free marketing, search engine optimization, ongoing technical support and a 60% commission on all sales. Payment is automated and artists benefit from StoriesToArt non-exclusive policy.

StoriesToArt also generates more work for artists while simultaneously giving back to arts education. 5% of profits go to StoriesToArt Gives Back, a non-profit initiative that awards grants to charitable organizations wishing to commission StoriesToArt artists to turn their stories into art.

The call deadline is March 31 but applicants are being accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

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Image: painting by Michael Fitts

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