​SEOforLawyers.net Launches New Custom SEO Packages

SEO for Lawyers now offers custom SEO packages to its clients. They believe this will enable them to create the best possible results. Customers are encouraged to try the free, no obligation, SEO audit tool to see what SEO Lawyers can do for them.

SEOforLawyers.net, an SEO company that focuses specifically on law firms and lawyers, has recently started offering custom SEO packages. They have always tried to stand out from the crowd, for instance, by focusing on just a single niche, but now they want to take this to the next level by removing so called ‘cookie clicker’ options. As each law firm is unique, their needs are unique too, and this is what they want to focus on.

“We can’t imagine quoting the same fixed dollar amount for work to be done on a ten page mom and pop website and to John Deere,” says a representative from SEO for Laywers. “Selling SEO packages is essentially just that. There are different market demographics, niches, product types, marketing styles, different business models and a lot of other criteria that demand an individualized strategy for every site. That is what we want to offer and it is why we now have custom packages available.”

For SEO for Lawyers, offering cookie clicker packages would be selling themselves short and being unable to offer their customers quality results. For them, a generic strategy would work on no more than one or two different sites, and even then only if they also had a whole lot of luck on their side. By sticking to custom SEO packages, they can offer effective results while at the same time remaining affordable as well.

Furthermore, anyone who does offer one size fits all packages is believed to have no real expertise or idea of what they are doing. Alternatively, they have overpriced themselves so much that they could cope with any contingency. The only other option is that they really shouldn’t even be allowed anywhere near keywords or any other online tools.

SEOforLawyers.net offers a completely free to use website audit tool that shows lawyers and law firms what their current online standing is. This is an opportunity to see where they could see an improvement, and what this improvement could mean in terms of attracting new clients. Using the tool does not mean a company is obliged to then buy the services either.

The work they have done has received many positive reviews from their clients. “Lawyers are, by law, not allowed to make false representations or claims about themselves,” says one client. “This means they are also responsible for the conduct of any third party they bring in to create marketing or other messages about their firm. Putting this kind of trust in an SEO company, therefore, is a big deal. I am very happy to say that I was not disappointed with putting my trust in SEO for Lawyers and the results of their work were tremendous.”

Lawyers and law firms are encouraged to contact SEO for Lawyers via email or through telephone at (888) 997-3150. Alternatively, they can use the online contact form to get started at http://seoforlawyers.net.

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