​Save Lives of Baby Lambs And Calves Use Foxlights at Mopet Market Place

It's lambing and calving season. save the lives of baby lambs and calves from night predators like coyotes, foxes, mountain lion, wolves, using Foxlights.

Mopet Market Place recently announced the release of Foxlights in the United States, and now Foxlights are proving effective for scaring away night predators coming after baby lambs and calves.

Foxlights are a new product that is a computerized night predator control light. It was developed by inventor Ian Whaling in 2006, and has been used in other countries, but it is now newly brought to the United States. The main aim is to scare off predator animals like raccoon, foxes, mountain lion, coyote, bears, from eating livestock, garden, crops, and poultry. A random flashing light projecting 360 degrees, for almost 1 mile, in three different colors, does the job. Foxlights impersonate a man patrolling in the field, and also other animals eyes, that night predators want to avoid…. but it does so, with a difference.

Rollin Haas, Co-founder at Mopet Market Place, says: “A new and better product was created with Foxlights. Anyone familiar with farming, (commercial or families) who raise produce, or poultry and livestock, will have noticed the war to protect what they grow from predators. Other night predator lights flash a repetitive pattern, and require people buy multiple devices to cover a 360 degree range. Some generate horrible noise. Some devices are required to be plugged in. These are problems because wildlife habituate to a constant flash, there is excessive cost in multiple devices, the noise disrupts the quiet of farm life, and installation is harder and more complex.”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Foxlights has instead computerized the light to generate random flashing light patterns so that night predator animals don’t become accustomed to a constant repetitive flash. They also project 360 degrees for up to a mile diameter, covering a radius of almost 1/2 mile all around the light. One model of the light is run by a 6-Volt battery, another model is solar, both run off a light sensor that automatically turns the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. Mopet Market Place chose to make this move because, “This product has proven effective in gardens and orchards where it has been tested. Wild animals stay at a distance. The wild life animals never discover that dinner is in the yard! When the light was shared with others who were trying to raise chickens, they said, “Before Foxlights the trail cam in the yard had photos of foxes, skunks and raccoon trying to get into the electrified chicken coop. It was like Animal Farm! With Foxlights the trail cam shows no wildlife! Just the flashing light.'”

Rollin Haas also said “This product provides our customers with peace of mind, with the knowledge that crops and flocks are protected at night. This is a fresh new possibility. Farmers can feel relaxed and sleep at night, knowing produce and animals are safe from night predators when using Foxlights. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk many are finding works, and are confident it is a risk worth taking.”

Mopet Market Place is a new entry in this line of business, being established in 2015. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to assist farmers to protect their products organically, without doing harm to the earth or wildlife.

This isn’t the first time Rollin Haas has defied convention either. Rollin Haas has been a landscape contractor for over 30 years. He holds advanced degrees in horticulture and agriculture. He is also a Certified Consulting Arborist. He caused a stir when his landscape business focused on California drought tolerant plant material way before their time, and worked to provide safe organic fertilizers and pesticides ahead of the crowds.

Foxlights are available today on Amazon. To find out more, it’s possible to visit http://www.amazon.com/Foxlights-Night-Predator-Deterrent-degrees/dp/B015DIAXB4. For further information about Mopet Market Place,visit www.mopetmarketplace.com, or call (530)644-2328.

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