​Practice Makes Perfect with the Tempi Metronome for Musicians

A mechanical metronome for musicians of all levels, whether student, amateur or professional player. The Tempi Metronome for Musicians is available now for purchase. Improve musical skills and techniques with this important musical accessory.

An essential tool for the practice room, the Tempi Metronome for Musicians takes a classic, elegant design and modernizes it for the 21st century. Made with a mahogany grain veneer for durability and longevity, the mechanism is built with high-quality steel gears.

Learn and perfect complicated rhythms and difficult passages with the strong “tock, tock” of the metronome. Choose a tempo, move the marker to any speed between 40-208 beats per minute, let it go, and the pendulum swings back and forth in exact time. A beat bell is an added feature that allows for a 0/2/3/4/6 time signature to be chosen, so that even more accuracy can be rehearsed. The bell chimes on the downbeat to keep the music organized by measure.


A refreshing change from the highly-digitized world, the Tempi Metronome for Musicians does not need batteries, and will last for 20 minutes before it needs to be wound up. Children will love it for their practice sessions, and teachers will as well. A mechanized metronome combines an aural, visual, and kinesthetic way to learning musical rhythms. Students can easily see the speed chosen and the movement of the tempo. Digital metronomes have this feature, but only on a screen, not in a more tangible way by watching a pendulum. There are so many added features to some metronomes that they become more of a complicated gadget and distraction to a young student. Simple and effective, the Tempi metronome is the best choice for students who really want to work and see results.

The Tempi Metronome for Musicians comes with a two year warranty and a free microfiber cloth. The e-book “Our 10 Best Practice Tips to Help Any Musician Succeed” is also included in every order. Don’t wait any longer, purchase the metronome that will offer a simple, effective way to improve rhythm, skills, and musicianship.


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