​One Year Free Support Offered with a Beginner Photography Course in London

36exp Photography School in London is offering a full year of free phone and email support, plus access to its online photography course, for all new students who join its One Day Beginner Photography Course.

New students on the One Day Beginner Photography Course at the 36exp Photography School in London will receive one year of post course support and free access to an online photography course as part of an initiative to promote better picture taking.

The campaign by the leading London photography school aims to inspire more people to make better use of there cameras and take improved photos by learning the basics of photography.

The One Day Beginner Photography Course, which takes place regularly at a central London venue, is a practical course led by tutors who are all professional photographers with decades of experience.

The full day course is designed to invigorate an interest in photography and give students the confidence to switch off the camera’s automatic function and discover new techniques to help them make outstanding photos.

Andrew Mason from 36exp Photography commented: “No two camera makes or models the same, but no matter what equipment you have, on this course you will learn how to understand your camera better. You’ll discover different modes, different ways of shooting, and how to use accessories like lenses to create certain shots.”

The One Day Beginner Photography Course is suitable for students who have little photography experience. The only requirement is that they possess a DSLR camera, compact system camera or any other advanced compact camera with settings for aperture and shutter speed.

Each course begins with an introduction to photographic theory and an explanation of a camera’s manual and semi-automatic functions. The tutor then leads a practical session which covers topics such as photo composition, exposure control, depth of field and using shutter speeds to freeze or blur action.

Throughout the day students will be provided with guidance and demonstrations so they can practice what they have learned, plus get feedback on their photos.

Andrew Mason added: “It’s amazing what you can achieve in a very short space of time through practice, shooting and demonstration. Many people have never used their camera settings or understand how these can affect a picture. This course allows beginners to experiment with their camera, under the watchful eye of a professional, so they learn how to get better results from their photography.”

Following the workshop all students receive the 36exp Beginner Photography ebook which contains notes and references on everything covered on the day. They also get access to the school’s online photography course, which allows students to gain a deeper understanding of photographic techniques and practices.

In addition to this, new students on the beginner course will now get one year of ongoing support after the workshop. This includes email or phone support to cover any questions relating to the subjects covered on the course.

Priced at £125 and limited to 12 participants, this beginner’s workshop is very popular and gets excellent feedback from its students. The next available dates for the one day course are Saturday 25th February, Saturday 13th April and Saturday 13th May.

Discover more information about this course and other workshops on the 36exp Photography website at https://www.36exp.co.uk

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