​New Website Launched By Ozway Realty Barclay

Sydney West based OZWAY REALTY BARCLAY is pleased to announce the launch of their new website showcasing the comprehensive range of licensed real estate agent services.

Chris & Marie Barclay, the Directors of OZWAY REALTY BARCLAY made these comments when asked about the launch of the new website, “We did a significant survey of what our clients want and expect in business website of a business such as ours. We then arrived at a website solution which suited the array of individual client needs, in order to deliver the most effective customer service portal.” They went on to say, “We found that existing clients and website visitors have broad customer interests, from a wide New South Wales and Interstate catchment, so the website developer needed to take all these factors into consideration in his design.”

Although the website underwent a web design re-vamp in October 2015, it is only recently that the site is now mobile friendly to meet Google’s requirements for being found in their search results and is technically robust for ease of customers accessing it on all mobile and tablet devices. Marie Barclay said, “The new website has been structured as a one stop resource for property owners and buyers alike. The functionality caters for visitors wanting free appraisals, details on current listings, through to information on past sales.”

The new website is a reflection of the company’s commitment to staying abreast of the fast pace of changing technology. They are pleased with user experience feedback already received to date, on how comprehensive it is, from existing and new customers recently visiting the site while it was being beta tested.

For more information about Ozway Realty Barclay and to visit the new website click this link: http://www.ozwayrealtybarclay.com/


OZWAY REALTY BARCLAY is one of Sydney’s leading real estate agents Penrith located in and servicing the Penrith region. They are part of a larger picture, OZWAY REALTY (Founded in 2000), an innovate real estate membership business headed by Mr Barry Liddle (Co-Founder) who is based in the Head Office located at Surrey Hills, with now over 16 members across NSW. One of the main reasons for selecting OZWAY REALTY is that they are a collaborative membership organisation, not a hierarchy and everyone helps each other in building a successful Team and therefore successful business. Another core reason for selecting OZWAY REALTY is that they offered Members assistance with the back-end administrative tasks in order for the Members to take full control of their client relationship delegations.

Husband and wife winning combination Chris & Marie Barclay have vast and interesting backgrounds (both in nationality and business acumen), which has been the cornerstone in building the foundations of this business from the ground up almost 2 years ago. Chris Barclay has been in the customer service industry his entire working life but he exclaims “nothing is more satisfying than starting and growing your own business!”. With Chris’ strong corporate and hospitality background, he brings to the real estate industry a different customer service slant. Chris consistently offers 100% client satisfaction and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Chris’ real estate mantra is “If we don’t have the property, we will find it and if we can’t find it we will ask for it!”.

After gaining industry experience with several agencies since early 2011, Marie Barclay made the decision (along with her husband Chris) to start their own Agency in 2014. They did this with surety that it would be challenging, but at the same time, when it got off the ground – it would be a great achievement. Chris and Marie Barclay take pride in empowering their Team affectionately named ‘TEAM BARCAY’ to be the best they can to achieve their business and personal best. In order to service premium acreage properties, Marie Barclay is also armed with her Stock & Stations Agent license.

Chris and Marie Barclay’s Team all share a strong work ethic, unrivaled professionalism, excellent negotiation skills and they always offers exceptional customer service, therefore, highlighting them as “The Agency of Choice” when selecting Penrith Real Estate Agents.

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