​New Research Exposes Proteins Responsible for Cancer Growth in Bone Tissue

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Reishi Force, a natural health and wellness company, has released the latest information on new research that may lead to alternative ways to slow or stop the spread of cancer into bone. Read more here

New research sheds light on why bone tissue provides a positive environment for cancer cells to grow, and researchers are hopeful that this breakthrough will lead to more effective treatments with the potential to slow or stop cancer cell metastasis and cause tumor cells to migrate and spread throughout the body – specifically in the bone.

The team at the University of Freiburg, Germany, found that cathepsin K activates specific proteins — creating a productive growth environment for tumors within the bone tissue — where they are able to thrive and multiply with nourishment from new blood vessels.

When asked about these findings, senior research author Prasad Shastri said “It seems that when cancer cells arrive in bone tissue, they have a number of tools that help them change their environment and grow into new tumors. Further studies are, however, needed to see how this interplay between cathespsin K and MMP-0 actually plays out in vivo and how it promotes tumor aggressiveness and metastasis.”

With growing knowledge on cancer development and the pathways used by the disease, Reishi Force hopes that the medical field will soon discover a truly effective method for curing all forms of cancer. Expressing the company’s support for continued research, a spokesperson for the brand released a statement:

“We are so glad to see the real progress being made in the search for effective cancer treatment methods, and offer our support and gratitude to the researchers who continue to use their knowledge and skill to make great strides. At the rate these developments are being made, it may not be long before we have a real cure for this disease that has taken too many lives.”

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