​National Governments Urged to Prevent Escalating Obesity Epidemic

An internationally trusted natural health and wellness company has released the following free report in support of the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases in the effort to reduce the current obesity epidemic. Read more here.

The World Obesity Federation published an alarming news release this week to bring awareness to a sobering new prediction – if current trends continue — there will 700 million more adults struggling with obesity in 2025 then there was in 2014. The federation urged global governments to fulfill their commitment to halt the rise in obesity by 2025.

The World Health Organization, WHO, developed a comprehensive strategy plan developed to decrease the upswing in obesity statistics in 2012. The Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases was implemented in 2013, and was intended to be applied by governments worldwide through 2020, with the overall goal of lowering obesity statistics to the parameters measured in 2010 – by the year 2025.

The regulations are in place, but they are not being implemented as intended, according to Dr. Tim Lobstein, director of policy at the World Obesity Federation, who explains, “Governments have accepted the need for regulatory measures, such as market controls, taxes, and subsidies, setting standards for catering services and investment in healthy schools – but few governments are implementing these measures.”

The new figures released by the World Obesity Federation show “Current trends suggest 190 million adults will be severely obese by 2025 and in need of treatment. In 2012, governments all around the world made a commitment to bring down the prevalence of overweight and obesity to 2010 levels by the year 2025.” The World Obesity Federation is using World Obesity Day to bring awareness and “remind governments of their commitment and to call for urgent action by governments.”

Walmir Coutinho, President of the World Obesity Federation stressed the magnitude of the situation, “The obesity epidemic has reached virtually every country worldwide, and overweight and obesity levels are set to continue to rise. Governments know the present epidemic is unsustainable and doing nothing is not an option. They have agreed to tackle obesity and to bring down obesity prevalence – if governments hope to achieve the WHO target of keeping obesity at 2010 levels, then the time to act is now.”

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