​More Than One Clear Choice In New Jersey For Replacing Missing Teeth In A Day

According to the Livingston, NJ based cosmetic and restorative dental practice called The Silverstrom Group, there are typically three clear choices for treating and replacing missing teeth. To make your smile great again, the choices are: Dental Implants, Fixed Bridges and Dentures.

New Jersey residents have more than one clear choice for replacing missing teeth in as little as one day announced The Silverstrom Group, a family owned and operated dental practice serving North Jersey for more than 40 years.

“Everyone is born with a great smile, however as time goes by and we get older, our smiles tend to change,” declares Dr. David Silverstrom, founder of The Silverstrom Group. “Our team is dedicated to make your smile great again.”

For the purposes of comprehensive patient education, there are typically three clear choices for treating and replacing missing teeth. They are: Dental Implants, Fixed Bridges and Dentures.

Of these three choices, dentures are easily the most ineffective because all they really do is provide the appearance of teeth without providing any permanent function. What appears to be an up front savings by choosing dentures can come at a high price down the road. Dentures can, in fact, speed up the rate at which gum tissue and bone atrophy. Therefore, well-fitting dentures quickly become loose, uncomfortable and even worse, very noticeable to others.

With the latest dental technology vigorously tested and then utilized by The Silverstrom Group, patients have a clear choice in New Jersey between dental implants and a fixed bridge.

If a patient selects a Fixed Bridge, the adjacent healthy teeth are shaved down and crowned to act as a support for the crown that sits over the gap left by the original tooth. The appearance and functionality of a fixed bridge is good but, unfortunately, there’s no getting around the fact that this procedure requires the filing down of healthy teeth. This compromises their long-term strength. Additionally, the chewing forces that would normally be spread over three teeth are now spread over just two. This presents the risk of future complications.

A Dental Implant is the closest approximation to a real tooth, to the point where it’s virtually indistinguishable both in appearance and in functionality. The implant is screwed directly into the bone so that it is anchored in the jaw as firmly as the root of a natural tooth. There is no negative impact on adjacent healthy teeth.

With a Fixed Bridge, the average lifespan is approximately 10 years. So if, for example, a person in their 40s can expect to replace a Fixed Bridge at least two to three times during their lifetime.

Since Dental Implants are made from titanium, the same strong and biocompatible material used in artificial hips and knees, they can last a lifetime assuming a patient cares for them properly.

The most challenging aspect of keeping a fixed bridge healthy is cleaning under the floating tooth. Patients will need to use special flossing tools to take care of this and, if neglected, decay can occur and put healthy teeth at risk.

Because a Dental Implant is fixed under the gum line, there are no embarrassing gaps to worry about. The crown attached to a dental implant can be brushed and flossed in the same way as a natural tooth.

Whether a patient requires dental implants to replace missing teeth, Invisalign to straighten crooked or crowded teeth or porcelain veneers for a total smile transformation, The Silverstrom Group customizes optimal, long term solutions for each individual patient.

With a staff of more than 25 professionals, Dr. David Silverstrom and Dr. Gary Silverstrom assembled the preeminent “Dental Dream Team” under one roof. This high caliber team of clinicians includes Board Certified periodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons, anti-aging dentists, restorative dentists, cosmetic dentists and general dentists who can perform every procedure from complex dental implant surgeries and root canals to filling cavities.

“Since we treat patients the way we expect to be treated ourselves, we respect our patients’ precious time,” said Dr. Gary Silverstrom. “Here in Northern New Jersey just minutes or hours from Manhattan depending exactly on the time of day you travel, all of us in our community can appreciate that time is the true currency of life. Instead of requiring patients to bounce around from one office to the next to see various dental specialists, we invested in hiring the most compassionate, talented and brilliant doctors to serve all of our patients’ diverse dental needs.” Helping patients from two years old to 102 years young, The Silverstrom Group has developed a formula for helping four generations of patients. Simple yet not easy to duplicate, the Silverstrom formula is:

Brilliant Doctors + Better Technology + Superb Service = Happier and Healthier Patients.

The Silverstrom Group proudly serves thousands of New Jersey patients located in Livingston, Short Hills, Millburn, Summit, Chatham, Madison, Florham Park, East Hanover, South Orange, Maplewood, West Orange and Westfield.

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