​Latest Research Links Middle Age Blood Pressure to Decline in Brain Function

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New research sheds light on another cause of reduced cognition, prevalent in the elderly population, and a major factor of dementia. Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine, BUSM, found remarkable evidence that high blood pressure in middle-age can affect planning and problem-solving skills later in life.

The findings are specifically vital as people in the U.S. are living longer, because maintaining brain health and finding the causes of dementia are of paramount importance for a healthy aging demographic. This discovery opens the door to better chances of cognitive health in the elderly years.

While relevant, progressive studies have shown structural brain damage induced dementia develops in patients who were hypertensive or pre-hypertensive in their 40s, this study specifically targets the effects high blood pressure has decades later.

In this study, researchers examined blood pressure levels of 378 participants, between the ages of 50 and 60 years. 30 years later the participants cognitive performance was tested, revealing poor scores regarding results describing executive brain function, such as problem solving, organization, judgement, behavior inhibition, emotions, speech, self-awareness and self-monitoring, to name a few.

Study author, Roda Au, a professor of neurology at BUSM, explains the importance of the exciting new discovery. “Decline in cognition is often considered an inevitable consequence of aging, and age is the single biggest risk factor for dementia, but perhaps managing factors that impact brain aging, such as blood pressure, will help increase brain health and reduce the risk for dementia. Mid-life health matters. The pathway to one’s older years is through the younger years and taking care of your health while you are younger may help you better preserve your cognitive health when you are older.”

Pamela Dalrymple, representative for VascuVite, said “The world of research is continually discovering more astounding connections between blood pressure and health. It is so important for people to understand the dangers high blood pressure poses and to make a proactive plan to maintain normal blood pressure values daily.”

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