​Just Launched Off Road Blog Discusses Advantages of Synthetic Winch Ropes

The popularity of synthetic winch ropes is steadily growing. Daniel Weston decided to take a closer look at the synthetic winch ropes that current market has to offer and decided to share his experience.

“Synthetic winch ropes are becoming more and more popular,” says Daniel Weston. “These ropes have many significant advantages when compared to steel cables, which had been used in the past. These benefits are mainly safety, weight and increased effectiveness.”

According to the new synthetic rope website, the winching process requires a sturdy rope, which can streamline and fast track the entire process of winching without endangering the user. Synthetic winch ropes are made of ultra high molecular polyethylene material. Ropes are also coated to provide further protection from the weather and low temperatures to prevent abrasion and wear.

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Synthetic winch ropes are also lighter and easier to handle than regular steel cables. These ropes do not develop sharp burrs and do not store as much potential energy under load. This is essential for the safety of the user in case the rope breaks. Stored potential energy can cause severe injuries.

Daniel Weston warns potential users of synthetic winch ropes that these ropes are slightly more prone to abrasion and frays. Synthetic ropes also require frequent inspection for damage caused by chemicals, ultraviolet light or overall use.

“Steel ropes are extremely durable and resistant to abrasion,” says Daniel Weston. “Steel cables are resistant to UV, but are heavier, develop rust, sharp burrs and require gloves to avoid injuries. However the primary factor is the eventual abrasion, which can lead to severe injuries in case of breakage.”

“However, no matter how safe the rope is, whether it is synthetic winch rope or steel cable, it is always important to follow safe winching techniques and precautions,” says Weston. “People who would like to know more about the benefits of synthetic winch ropes, can learn more at the newly launched off-road news blog.”

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