​Going Expert Expands Planning Your Holiday Destination

When it comes to holiday planning, most travellers need some help. Whether an avid online researcher or a leave it all to someone else traveller, knowing something about your holiday destination before you start the booking process is extremely helpful.

When it comes to holiday planning, most travellers need some help. Whether an avid online researcher or a leave it all to someone else traveller, knowing something about the holiday destination before starting the booking process is extremely helpful.

Travelling from point A to point B, and maybe need a hotel, then there are hundreds of online travel agents comparing prices and offering holiday packages. Travellers who like to compare apples for apples are often disappointed when having to accept a ‘get-what-is given’ packaged holiday. But if a truely unique experience of the destination is required and not following the same people around the same sights day in and day out, then some experience to guide the holiday planning process is needed.

Those who have spent any time looking at travel guides and travel review websites know that it doesn’t take many clicks to end up at a sales page. Usually they are just another link to an online booking platform selling their own packaged holidays. They’ll be the same as all the other tours because they are pulling the same information from the same wholesalers’ databases, just adding their own pictures with some tweaking of the prices.

What makes a good unbiased and trusted travel guide? Good local information, drilled down to what to do, where to eat, which restaurants to eat at, what sites to see, the sporting events, cafes, nightlife and all the local detail needed to make the trip great, all contribute to making a destination travel guide good. But there are many that offer that, but redirect travellers to book their hotel connections, and their car hire, and their connected tours. A great travel guide needs to be impartial, provide the information as information, not as a sales tool.

So the best travel guide has been found and the research is done. They are up to date with the location being traveled to, now enter the maze of booking the trip. That’s no mean feat. There is a myriad of online booking platforms available and its easy to get very confused with all of the different options and pricing out there.

Like is found with the review sites, they all lead to selling what they want, not what the traveller wants. So now to find the best travel booking website. Many say the online booking platforms have become dominant in holiday planning and travel booking, but the statistics don’t necessarily back that up. Travellers are turning back to booking with travel agents, with 52% of outbound (overseas) holidays being booked through a travel agent; a real-live behind-the-desk person who sells travel. That number is steadily increasing every year (5% p.a.). Travel Agents are the holiday advocates. They find the best flights, best hotels, best prices and gel it all together. They are also there to assist if something goes wrong while away. No they won’t go and water pot plants, but they can adjust bookings if a flight gets delayed, or cancelled, or make hotel changes if things aren’t working out. They are there before, during, and after the trip; they’re building a close long term relationship.

Mr Rogan Carroll, Founder of Going Expert said, “Our platform connects Travellers with “been-there” Travel Agents. It matches the visitors destination with a powerful database of travel agents who have created profiles of their destination expertise. It is free to search and match with these holiday planning specialists, and if you see a profile you think is a match, its also free to connect with them and receive all their contact details.”

About Going Expert

GoingExpert is a Travel platform serving the needs of international travellers. Going.Expert connects Travellers with “been-there” Travel Agents; maximizing their travel experience by using a travel agent who has real local knowledge.

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