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Garrett Cassells, Lawyers #1 SEO Guy shares profitable keywords for personal injury lawyers

If a law firm wants to outrank a competitor and get more cases from the website, it would be wise to stay abreast of online marketing trends and implement current tactics to gain the competitive edge in personal injury.

If an attorney is looking to expand ones current law practice with a focus on medical malpractice, premises liability, or simply want to get more car accident cases, a great way to do so is to have a strong Internet presence, which begins with the right keywords for SEO/PPC.

Car Accident Lawyer SEO Keywords

Here are a few long tail keywords that can help a law firm rank better for car accident related keywords.

-Ford Car Accident Injury

-Chevrolet Pickup Truck vs. Car Crash Injuries

-Interstate 40 Major Car Accident

-Tesla Class Action Fire Lawsuit

-2016 Car Accidents in Los Angeles

-Atlanta, Georgia Car vs. Big Rig Truck Accidents

– Honda Airbag Car Accident Causes Head Injuries

-Snow and Ice Car Accident Cases

-Winter Storm Snow Accident Lawsuits

-BMW Fishtail Car Accident

-Loose Gravel Causing a Car to Slide Off the Road

-Big Rig Multi Car Pileup in Orlando, Florida

These are just a few of the many different types of keywords from which blog posts and articles can be created. By providing valuable resources that include plenty of keywords, it will naturally be the case that that particular resource will rank near the top of Google searches for a large number of keywords.

Slip and Fall Injury Keywords

While traffic accidents, mostly car accidents, tend to bring in the most lucrative cases, there is also an opportunity to get clients through slip and fall injuries and accidents. That said, those who have suffered a major spinal cord or back injury due to a slip and fall or trip and fall might search for a lawyer or attorney in a different way.

It is important to know what causes these accidents to determine what money keywords to go after. Here are a few ideas:

-Slip and Fall injury on ice or snow.

-Trip and Fall at local grocery store

-Supermarket slip and fall accidents

-Slipping and falling on spilled drink in store

-Trip and fall because of boxes in a store

– how to sue for slipping and falling on water

-sliping and falling from ice

-What to do when injured because of slipping in a stairwell

When deciding on the right SEO company for a law practice or legal practice, experts strongly suggest choosing a firm that is willing to create content. If an SEO firm is not willing to produce regular blog posts, it is going to be extremely difficult to rank for many profitable keywords.

It takes time to build a successful law firm. The same is true when it comes to a legal website.

Wouldn’t it make sense that the more quality content is produced, the more likely it would be that potential clients are going to click on the website?

The Atlanta experts at SEO by Nerds, not only creates content but also builds links and creates press releases highlighting these blogs.

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