​Garrett Cassells, Lawfirms #1SEO Guy, Secrets For New Million Dollar Cases

Garrett Cassells, #1 SEO Guy for lawyers, Is know for strategies to connect personal injury lawyers with new clients that produced over $1,000,000 in new settlements. Mr. Cassells shares how a law firm should combine SEO, PPC, Social and Reputation Management |SEO by Nerds .

Garrett Cassells, has build a solid reputation as Lawyers #1 SEO Guy. He shares Internet Marketing tips for Law Firms to help lawyers generate new cases in the next 30 days.

There is a system to help law firms and attorneys attract more cases online. For more comprehensive digital marketing strategies, a law firm should combine SEO, PPC, and Social Media.

A good Attorney SEO campaign will neither negatively impact the online reputation of an attorney or law office, nor will it jeopardize a legal professional or entity’s license to practice law. In fact when attorney/law office SEO is done the right way it will not only increase the visibility of the attorney on Google, it will also bolster the professional presence of the attorney or law office in having the word done.

Moreover, good attorney/law office SEO will solidify the law office’s brand and establish it and its attorneys as legal experts on search engines and social media. Some SEO specialists are so good at branding attorneys as experts that they the attorneys they do this for are more likely to receive awards, recognitions and accolades as a result of the digital branding and SEO that to loose their license to practice law.

Why Digital Marketing Is Crucial for Law Firms.

96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine when looking online. 87% of people who contact an attorney go on to hire an attorney. 71% think it is important to have a local attorney (within 25 miles) 31% of all law firm related website traffic comes through mobile searches

Here’s a few tips on how to design a website that generates new cases.

First, Silo by Practice Areas

It’s imperative that law firms silo their sites according to practice areas.

“Devote a lot of content to your practice areas. People who are looking for attorneys are doing research, so the more information and insight you can offer about your practice and experience, the better your chances of ranking for varied terms are,” Ramirez explained.

Siloing will differ for each law firm based on practice areas. For example:

Criminal Attorneys

-DUI/DWI -Grand Theft -Petty Theft – BurglaryHomicide

Family Law Attorneys

– Divorce -Child Support -Child Custody -Emancipation

Personal Injury Attorneys

-Bicycle Accidents -Car Accidents -Traumatic Brain Injury

Second, Improve the User Experience

Directing traffic to a lawyers site is great, but it’s not the end goal – the end goal is converting visitors into clients, and that won’t happen unless the site is impressive, professional, and informative.

A good online marketing campaign can do wonders for law practices, but the focus of lawyers website should be on conveying trust and expertise. Make sure that the site speaks to visitors and compels them to call. Use the following:

Case studies

Case results


Lawyer bios

An informative blog

Engagement objects

Press coverage

Third, Create Listings on Legal Directories. Doing so add more credibility to any website in the eyes of Google, Yahoo, and Bing by creating listing on legal directories.

Head SEO Analysis with SEO by Nerds, Garrett Cassells, recommends that lawyers get listed in law related directories such as:










The above directories are just a few.

If a law firm is planning to handle their own PPC strategy, use the following guidelines when choosing keywords:

Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to determine approximate traffic and cost-per-click when determining possible keywords. Enter the website’s URL and the Keyword Planner will suggest keywords based on that domain. Use third-party tools for competitive insight — SEMRush or Spyfu offers up the most profitable keywords competitors Segment search campaigns according to site architecture/silos. Law related keywords (3+ search terms) are usually less expensive than core terms with one or two words.

Remember that the majority of searches have local intent, and accordingly, create long-tail keywords with granular geo-qualifiers. Normally, the lower the budget, the less keywords that should be utilize.

When Googling the following term Atlanta’s #1 SEO Guy, #1 SEO Guy for Attorneys, Lawyers & Lawfirms, or SEO #1 National Guy. don’t be surprised to see Garrett Cassells featured on the first page. For a complimentary website marketing analysis visit www.FreeWebsiteAudit.rocks or call SEO by Nerds/800.583.7431. The goal is to provide quality content that can be easily used.

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