​Feather Banners Favoured For Outdoor Events

 Australian based ExpandaBrand confirmed to Eleven Media the continuing strong trend of feather banners for use in branding of Australian outdoor events.

ExpandaBrand specialises in flags and banners and other textile based promotional devices. These include feather banners, marquees, custom Inflatables and market umbrellas. They are vertically Integrated company, including weaving and coating their own fabrics.  95% of their hardware is also made in-house putting them in a unique position in the industry.

Mr Dylon Bailey, owner of ExpandaBrand said, “Achieving a successful outdoor event is all about creating the right type of energy and atmosphere for the attendees. Our clients realise that promoting their brand in an engaging and positive space assists in building a strong and long lasting relationship with their customers. They have found that tear drop banners are an integral part of achieving this.”

ExpandaBrand provide banners of all shapes and sizes for even the largest of outdoor events. They cite the extremely large banners on the walls and billboards at any major airport being the durable fabric they use in any outdoor event.

They have recently created a handy ‘go-to’ guide for anyone looking to run an outdoor event. This is full of tips and advice for those wanting to avoid the pitfalls others less prepared have fallen into and can be viewed here.

The company takes great pride in the quality of their products to ensure they remain the best in the industry. They recently launched a brand video that provides customers with an audiovisual representation of the several stages and processes involved in making an ExpandaBrand banner. In this video they highlight the quality checks, attention to detail put into every one of their products.

Mr Dylon Bailey said, “Our attention to delivering a quality product suitable for evey event and use is our main focus. We use the very best printing technology available to coat our fabrics with UV protection, dirt repellant, colour brightness and even fire retardant where appropriate to ensure that clients branding is displayed in the best possible way at any event.”

To learn more about the company and its range of innovative teardrop banners, advertising flags and marquees visit the website here: http://expandabrand.com.au/

About ExpandaBrand

ExpandaBrand is an Australian specialist in the manufacture and supply of printed advertising flags, banners, marquees and other textile based promotional devices, including related hardware. They operate from Australia’s two largest cities, Melbourne and Sydney but service all of Australia and internationally.

They have over 15 years’ industry experience and have a significant array of leading international corporates as long standing clients.

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