​Elite Medical Scribes Receives Small Business Success Story Award

Elite Medical Scribes recently received the reputable Small Business Success Story award from Twin Cities Business Magazine. Elite Medical Scribes trains and employs scribes to alleviate the documentation burden of medical practitioners, substantially enhancing the patient-physician relationship in the process.

Bloomington, MN – Elite Medical Scribes was recently recognized by Twin Cities Business Magazine as one of only 10 local businesses to receive the reputable Small Business Success Story award. By seeing key opportunities to improve patient care and forging ahead with innovative medical scribe training programs, Elite’s founders have shown how staying nimble and headstrong can make for a successful business.

With a firm goal of enhancing the patient-physician relationship through pioneering its medical scribe program, Elite Medical Scribes has quickly become one of the leading names in medical scribing across Minnesota and the nation. Through constant refinement in immersive training and implementation, Elite is now on the Inc. 5000 list as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

Founders Marcin J. Kubiak and Cody W. Wendlandt, both University of St. Thomas grads, saw an urgent need for medical scribe services across many healthcare specialties. They, along with CEO Yuriy Vasylenko, also a University of St. Thomas alumni, realized early on the value a scribe brings to physicians, hospitals, and, most importantly, patients. However, proving the value of scribes meant changing processes that were already in place throughout healthcare systems.

Vasylenko notes, “Physicians will spend 30, 40, 50 percent of their time during the shift doing admin work, which makes zero sense economically.” The invention of the Electronic Health Record was causing physicians to spend more time buried in paper and less time helping patients. This bombardment of forms and charts is why the benefits of a medical scribe are two-fold.

Medical scribes alleviate the documentation burden of doctors while being given immersive experience in the world of healthcare. Not only does high-level training through the proprietary Elite Academy prepare scribes for a career in healthcare, but it also improves patient satisfaction and retention as doctors are now free to spend more one-to-one time treating patients.

Elite Medical Scribes is a leading provider of medical scribe services to healthcare systems, physicians groups, and independent practices locally and across the nation.

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