​Desert Dermatologics Finally Announces Release of a Unique New Skincare Line

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Desert Dermatologics Skincare has launched it's initial product line this week on Amazon with more products set to be released soon. Look for Desert Dermatologics on Amazon and for a limited time find a 20% off discount code to enter at checkout.

This new brand and product line, under development since 2013, grew from research showing certain desert botanical sources have ingredients particularly beneficial for skincare. Begun by physician and botanist Dr. Douglas Krell, Desert Dermatologics has developed a premium collection of products comparable to many high-end luxury or department store brands. The line includes moisturizers, serums and facial oils derived from natural desert plants found to contain certain uniquely active ingredients. These molecules include peptides, antioxidants, and lipids. Formulated scientifically, they are being developed into products highly effective in hydrating and providing long-term skin protection from environmental factors and aging. They promote a more youthful appearance, and leave skin feeling smooth, invigorated, and looking radiant and renewed.

Dr. Krell, a board certified OBGYN, did research and published in botanical science during his undergraduate years. “We’ve developed something new with Desert Dermatologics Skincare. Our products are meant to effectively address the problems of dry skin and fight the effects of aging. They contain none of the troublesome ingredients found in many skincare lines such parabens, sulfates, or petroleum based oils or perfumes. Dry and aging skin is epidemic with the warming of our climate and environmental pollution. Women deserve products that are safe and immediately improve skin appearance, prevent dryness and slow the effects of aging. Our products are the safest and best you can find on the market.”

“In clinical practice, I offered various brands of skincare in my office, but I was never satisfied. I wanted something more effective with ingredients that were safe for patients and with results they could trust. When I looked back on my own research, I realized the desert was the perfect place to find the most beneficial ingredients. Think of it, desert plants have evolved the special chemistry and structure needed to prevent moisture loss and damage from the sun under the harshest of conditions. It made sense to use these plant ingredients in my skincare products. They are as organic and naturally processed as possible, then formulated and tested with the help of some brilliant biochemists, using the most up-to-date methods of dermatologic science.”

“With Desert Dermatologics Skincare, I’d like women to feel that their skin can be smooth, radiant, and moisturized at any time. In regular use, our products can offer a lifetime of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle protection. I’m so confidant of the effectiveness of our products, were offering a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.”

Desert Dermatologics Skincare Line is available only on Amazon. Enter Desert Dermatologics into the Amazon’s search box to see the entire product line. On each product page under the Special Offers and Product Promotions section, you’ll find a limited time offer of a 20% off discount code you can enter at checkout. To learn more about Desert Dermatologics and get specific product instructions go to:


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