​CDC Releases Three New Practical Methods to Permanently Reduce Obesity

In an ongoing effort to educate and support the community on the progress of the coalition against the national obesity epidemic, Landry has released the latest information endorsing new strategies by the CDC. Read more here

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, has released three progressively effective strategies for cutting calories to sustain permanent weight loss, and improve health. The CDC advises improving eating habits through this thoughtful new approach, centered on three factors: Reflect, Replace, and Reinforce.

Reflect involves creating a daily food diary to shed light on specific motivators, such as eating due to genuine hunger, as opposed to a response to stress, boredom or fatigue — as well as habitual weight gaining behaviors like eating too fast or mindless eating. Once the unhealthy eating habits and triggers are identified, the CDC suggests choosing a few and replacing them with healthy alternatives, such as eating smaller portions to satisfy hunger and taking a walk or calling a friend instead of habitual eating. Lastly, reinforce the changes by simply repeating the healthy eating behaviors and continuing to replace the unhealthy ones.

The CDC explains the good news behind its latest recommended strategies, “When it comes to eating, we have strong habits. Some are good (‘I always eat breakfast’), and some are not so good (‘I always clean my plate’). Although many of our eating habits were established during childhood, it doesn’t mean it’s too late to change them.”

A representative for the government-run foundation continued to stress the importance of reinforcing these changes, saying “Habits take time to develop. It doesn’t happen overnight. When you find yourself engaging in an unhealthy habit, stop as quickly as possible and ask yourself: Why do I do this? When did I start doing this? What changes do I need to make? Be careful not to berate yourself or think that one mistake ‘blows’ a whole day’s worth of healthy eating habits.”

The ongoing effort, led by the CDC, to inspire people to become happier and healthier will hopefully have a positive impact on the number of cases of weight-related diseases in the United States. Barry MacDinton, community support moderator for Landry, encourages those struggling with weight loss to try implementing the tactics presented by the CDC.

In a new statement, MacDinton advises, “Doing your best to stay positive and focused on the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, as well as pursuing the CDC’s new guidelines, which suggest losing 1 to 2 pounds per week by lowering your calorie consumption by 500 to 1000 calories per day.” He added, “When you take charge of your appetite and eating habits you are making changes to your health in positive ways.”

Those interested in learning more about the ongoing efforts of the CDC to manage the obesity epidemic should visit http://landry.com/cdc-against-obesity.htm. While there, readers are invited to take full advantage of the wealth of information available on the company site.

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