​CCW Alerts Clients To Increased Asbestos Screening of Imports

Customs Clearance World advised in a recent communiqué to clients that the Australian Border Force had stepped up the screening process to ensure asbestos does not enter Australia in imported products.

In 2003, the Australian Government imposed a zero tolerance of the sale, use and importation into Australia of asbestos. The policy for asbestos control is administered by the Department of Employment whilst the role of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection is to monitor and enforce the ban on asbestos at the border.

Customs Brokers must confirm there is no asbestos content in any import and they must have confirmation from the owner that the owner is certain that the goods are free of any asbestos. The Australian Border Force requires owners to be certain that any goods are asbestos free and must have acceptable certification to confirm this.

Mr Trent Joseph, Managing Director of Customs Clearance World said, “Asbestos as a binding agent is used in a number of applications, not just in building materials, tiles or insulation. We are required to seek written confirmation and be certain that asbestos is not present in any part of the import as any failure at the border will create significant costs for all parties involved in the consignment.”

Shipments without certification acceptable to the Australian Border Force, will see the goods needing to be tested for asbestos content with the associated delays and costs from storage and testing borne by the importer.

For more information, please visit the website here: http://www.customsclearanceworld.com.au

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