​Best New Podcast - A Well Run Life: The Best Three Minutes of the Day

Striving to be the Best Three Minutes of day, this podcast can be found in iTunes, Stitcher and Libsyn. More here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/a-well-run-life/id1118640643?mt=2

A Well Run Life announced it crossed the first 1000 downloads of it’s show shortly after debuting.

Customers looking for an exceptional Podcast are now able to subscribe to A Well Run Life Podcast by Peter M Deeley Jr.

A Well Run Life Podcast is designed to appeal specifically to people interested in unique autobiographical short vignettes.

This is among the most interesting Podcasts in the iTunes portfolio. The language is concise and the subject matter always surprising. The intent is to expand the mold of what a Podcast should be. The interview format saturates the market currently.

People who subscribe to A Well Run Life Podcast will enjoy the attention to language as a primary focus of the Podcast. It makes it more similar to a music album than a Podcast.

A Well Run Life’s Podcast rarely, if ever, exceed 3 minutes –as the current format of Podcasts is dominated by a “long” format. Consumers are locked into Podcasts for a minimum of 45 minutes in most cases.

Listeners can fit it in their day as breaks from their routine and distractions from their hour-to-hour responsibilities. The tightly constructed ideas and narratives that will give them a broad picture with an economy of words.

The perspective offered is decidedly off-center. These Podcast do not rehash any of the same ground so often heard other Podcasts. The new approach will be refreshing to many and has already attracted a great deal of attention. Topics change – sometimes dramatically – episode to episode. The variety of pictures painted in these vignettes will keep the audience guessing as to what might be next and offer them a wide variety of themes by which to be entertained.

Peter M Deeley Jr., when asked about A Well Run Life Podcast said:

“The response to the Podcast has been rapid and overwhelmingly positive. It is personal. It is important. It is breaking new ground.”

All A Well Run Life’s products are designed to improve various aspects of its clients’ health and wellness. Peter M Deeley Jr. is particularly excited about this product because this rounds out A Well Run Life’s approach to clients by encouraging creativity and introspection.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at http://www.awellrunlife.com/

Listeners can subscribe here.

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