​Address Change Online Services For Families and Businesses Changing Locations

Address Change provides their clients with an easy way to keep your mail up to date. The online services makes the process simple and convenient for anyone moving across the nation.

My-Moving-Resources Introduces Change of Address Online Services For Families and Businesses Changing Residential Locations

March 22, 2017

Cincinnati, Ohio – My-Moving-Resources now introduces national change of address online services to support mailing. My-Moving-Resources strives to boost the satisfaction of their clients by eliminating undelivered mail and reducing the costs of obtaining new addresses when moving. More importantly, this service aims to improve communication between businesses and their clients and among families.

Moving is not only strenuous but inevitable in some instances. A major issue that arises during this time is that families, individuals and even businesses are required to pay an exaggerated lump sum simply to obtain a new mailing address. The process is ridiculously long based on the time and effort taken.

On their website, the company reiterates that “Life is undoubtedly full of uncertainties. At any point in time, a change could occur and you may be required to relocate to a new location. Although the move might be for the best, it will still be strenuous and very trying”.


Changing addresses when moving is mandatory and the company helps in filing the necessary forms for the same. Avoiding future problems with billing or wage payment requires one to fill specific forms on a timely manner. My-Moving-Resources helps in processing the necessary forms to ease the burden of this process.

My-Moving-Resources is not a service provider licensed by the USPS but a private third party filing agency. The company can help fill out the forms correctly and in a timely manner. The company can assist with unlimited changes for a full three months.


Who is My-Moving-Resources? As a third party agent, the work of My-Moving-Resources is to prepare and facilitate the process of changing addresses. The company has specialized in the management of contact data for the purpose of helping clients to maintain contact with their addressees. Families and businesses can easily acquire information related to moving and the maintenance of contact with other people.

Send an email via; support@my-moving-resources.com

Alternatively, contact address;


1335 Main St. Cincinnati, OH 45202 Phone: (707) 948-6245

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