​ TV’s Nine News Features Pearly Whites Australia

9 News Melbourne featuring Pearly Whites Australia in a segment broadcast last night called 'Aussie businesses are embracing social media to sell their wares more than ever before',

Channel Nine News Melbourne last night broadcast a segment called ‘Aussie businesses are embracing social media to sell their wares more than ever before’, featuring Pearly Whites Australia.

According to Nine News, over the past 6 years Jake Munday has been growing businesses using Facebook, and his teeth whitening venture now has a global turnover over two million dollars.

“When I jumped on I was able to grow the business by 10,000%,” confirmed Jake Munday. “It was only doing around 40 sales a week. I’ve been able to grow that to doing over 500 orders per week. [Our advertising budget] was only around 50 to 200 dollars a day, and was able to scale up from that.”

Pearly Whites Australia is a leading brand for premium in-home teeth whitening systems. Their products include tooth whitening kits, strips and gels that use the same formulations supplied to dentists.

In the Nine News segment titled ‘Australian Businesses Embracing social media to sell their wares more than ever before,’ interviewer Madeline Slattery explored how the company is using online sites and services to enable them to ship orders not only throughout Australia, but also internationally. “Facebook is allowing brands to reach targeted demographics far and wide,” said Madeline Slattery. “While Jake spends up to a few thousand dollars a day on the ads, his budget started off much smaller.”

“The key is not really coming across as selling something directly; it’s more about offering information that people want,” added Dr Brent Coker of the University of Melbourne, when interviewed by Nine news. “Viral advertising is one example. Instagram is another popular option that brands are taking up now.”

View the full 9 News segment as broadcast here: https://twitter.com/9NewsMelb/status/7777886825100…

About Pearly Whites Australia Pearly Whites Australia is a leading brand of teeth whitening products dedicated to creating a way for the everyday person to achieve a celebrity-style bright white smile in the comfort of their own homes. Pearly Whites Australia uses only superior dentist grade whitening formulations. Their teeth whitening products are now available in Australia, the United States and New Zealand. For more information about Pearly Whites, click here.

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